A Summary of DIEP for MBS538

A Summary of DIEP for MBS538
1A. DESCRIBE the Insight
• An insight is something new that you have learned or realised.
• Insight must be relevant to the Unit MBS 538 Organisation Behaviour and Management
• Insight should change the way you think and/or the you act/behave
Example – ‘In our last session I realised the importance of understanding change….’
1B. DESCRIBE the Situation
• Give relevant details of the circumstances from which you have gotten the insight
• “What was happening when this learning occurred?”
• “What set off or bring about this learning?”
Example – ‘We did an activity where we had to talk about our own experiences with…’
‘I was reminded of a time at work where….
2A. INTERPRET the Meaning of the Insight
• Discuss “What the Insight means (especially to you)?”
• Analyse the various aspects that have influenced, formed or informed your insight. Include:
o Previous incidents
o Previous learning
o The setting or environment
o Your relationships with the people involved
Example – ‘What we were required to do in this activity was….. This showed me that …’
‘We recently had a change at work that involved….. During this it became obvious that I had
different views to my colleagues on the event. The cultural differences of collectivism and
individualism, as identified by Hofstede (1993), come to mind because….’
2B. INTERPRET the Consequences of the Insight
• “How does this insight change things?”
• “What else do you realise?”
• “Can it be transferable and/or relevant to other circumstances?”
Example – ‘What this made me realise is that the way I respond to change is…. This seems to fit with
Lewin’s (2005) model that says ….’
‘This made me realise that change is more than ….and that we need to think about other issues
when we implement change.’
• To evaluate the Insight means to determine the VALUE or the SIGNIFICANCE of your Insight
• Discuss the Value of your Insight.
• “How can this Insight be Relevant and Beneficial?” to your
o Learning
o Coursework
o Future work
o Future professional development
Example – ‘This is really significant to me as a student because….’
‘I think this will make me a better manager because …’
4A. PLAN how to Apply your Insight
• “How can you APPLY this Insight to the future?”
o Learning
o Coursework
o Work
o Professional Development
Example – ‘I can use this in my studies to…’
‘In my job I will be able to use this to….’
4B. PLAN what you want to Do and how you can achieve them
• Set S.M.A.R.T Behavioural/Learning Goals
o Specifc
o Measurable
o Achieveable
o Relevant
o Time-bound
• Develop Strategies to achieve the Goals
Example – ‘I will attend a course on dealing change as a student. I will do this by….. It will be successful
if I …..’
‘I will speak to my team members about the change that is happening in the company. I will
do this by….. I will know I have been successful because….’