Adapting to the host country

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Adapting to the host country

You are an expatriate [An expatriate, or expat, is an individual living and/or working in a country other than their country of citizenship, often temporarily and for work reasons. An expatriate can also be an individual who has relinquished citizenship in their home country to become a citizen of another.] (with a spouse and a 6-year-old daughter) sent on assignment for one year to Hong Kong.

  • What should you do to prepare for departure? Why?
  • What training should you or your family complete predeparture? Why?
  • What challenges will you face upon arrival? How can you tell before you even are “in country”, so-to-speak?
  • What expectations do you have from your home and host country organization? Why?
  • What are the do’s and don’t’s for an expatriate working in Hong Kong?

Support your answers with demonstrated practical examples and facts.  If you include any outside sourced information, be sure and include appropriate APA Style 6 references information.


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