Aggregate planning change with process strategies

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Aggregate planning change with process strategies

Answer the following question in essay form in a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 250 words.

How would aggregate planning change with different process strategies?

Would the application of a Just-In-Time production system affect how aggregate planning is conducted? Why? How?

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While aggregate planning involves scheduling of the overall operations of the organization, process strategies encompass the transformation of resources into goods and services that meet customer requirements (Gansterer, 2015). This implies that whenever an organization applies different process strategies, it is compelled to reschedule its general operations in a manner that is suitable for the production process to take place without interruptions. If for example, it applies the process focus strategy, it has to organize its departmental or segmental resources like the number of workers, tons of raw materials or hours of machine time to ensure every department produces enough aggregate units like pounds of output, feet, and gallons that appropriately meets demand. Besides…Read more


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