Amminaus Marcellinus: The Roman Empire

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Amminaus Marcellinus: The Roman Empire

Subject: History
Topic: Amminaus Marcellinus
The paper on Amminaus Marcellinus The Later Roman Empire: (a.D. 354-378)
Give sub-headings in the paper to answer the questions in that section. the paper must be five pages (5) in length, double-spacing, 12 point Times New Roman font. You do not need to use outside sources, sources should be cited fully and properly using footnotes in the Chicago Manual of Style format.

Answer all three questions:

1. What is Ammianus’ attitude towards the Roman Empire?

2. To what extent does Ammianus see the emperor’s character influencing the fortunes of the Empire?

3. How much does Ammianus see the armies as political actors? Explain

digital copy of the book. actual book starts on page 57 or 59. there is English and Latin verses in text. intro has good information as well.

Expert Partial Solution 

What is Ammianus’ attitude towards the Roman Empire?

Ammianus wrote a time when the Roman Empire was encountering a decline and continuous attacks from the North. However, to him, the Empire was not in the process of declining rather in that of maturing. As a matter of fact, “declining into old age, and often owing victory to its name alone, Rome has come to a quieter period of life.” Ammianus did not anticipate the fall of the Empire since he believed that its own heritage would enable it to survive. Nonetheless, he was aware that the freedoms that the people were enjoying had been truncated significantly “by the reigns of terror instituted by successive emperors and by the deplorable crew of secret police, spies and informers who surrounded them.” In his writing, Ammianus seemed to have believed that cultural and moral revitalization would save the Roman Empire. “The City is glorious and eternal” but “its current manifestations, seen in high and low society alike, are vile and call imperatively for the moral recovery which will save the empire.” He related the Empire to “liberty” and argued that cultural and moral revival would bring change to a system that was not, itself, at fault…Read more


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Amminaus Marcellinus: The Roman Empire