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Summative assessment 1


Answer all 6 questions, 650 words, no plagiarism, correct spelling. 

Q1. Explain the concept of innovation and why it is necessary for organisations to practice innovation in today’s world of work. 75–100 words​

Innovation is the strategy of coming up with creative business ideas and implementing them into the organization’s operations. The concept involves either implementing completely new processes, ideas, and products or improving the old ones. In today’s world of work, markets are dynamic since customers will always go for the best products. Innovation is, therefore, a key requirement for an organization to remain competitive in the market. It also ensures customer loyalty due to the new, quality, and innovative products and services offered...Read more

Q2. Explain the context for innovation in the workplace by identifying what context relates to. Provide at least 10 examples.

Q3. Describe the factors and tools that can be used to motivate individuals to use creative thinking and apply innovative work practices. Provide at least three examples.

Although innovation is a creative-thinking and application process, it requires employees’ motivation for the ultimate growth and development of the organization.

  1. For example, managers are responsible for the role of motivating employees by setting rewards such as promotions, incentives, and recognition opportunities. This boosts their creativity as they work hard to achieve set targets and enjoy the rewards.
  2. Another example is where employers grant employees the freedom to apply their knowledge in decision-making and task-performance without having to give directives.
  3. Lastly, working together with the employees rather than authorizing them is an example as this creates a friendly working environment where workers are motivated and willing to adapt to new strategies.

Q4. Explain the legislative framework that needs to come under consideration when deciding whether or not to go ahead with an innovative idea/ proposal. 75–100 words

Innovation is guided by a legal framework of organizations that requires the management to adhere to patent requirements before implementing any innovative idea. This means that a business should be chartered before engaging in any innovative processes. This is important to get rid of and avoid patent litigations and copyright issues that could tarnish the firm’s image. Another legal requirement is to enhance employee-satisfaction in the organization. This is to ensure that employees are willing to innovate adaptably and work happily towards achieving organizational goals.

Q5. Explain how a command and control approach to management and leadership can hinder innovation. 100–150 words

Q6. Describe typical barriers to innovation with teams and organisations. Provide at least five examples of barriers.

Define Innovation

Innovation is the strategy of coming up with creative business ideas and implementing them into the organization’s operations


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