Analytical Response to Video Case Study

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Analytical Response to Video Case Study

New EDU3ILE AT2b 2020 BEd: Analytical Response to Video Case Study (2250 words)

This task requires you to demonstrate the ability to analyse a teaching and learning episode and consider the strategies the teacher has used to create and maintain this safe, positive and inclusive learning environment.

Select a video from the provided AITSL Illustrations of practice. You will need to infer some of the principles, strategies and understandings that underpin what you see/hear in the video and explain the bases for your inferences.

Your analysis must reference learning and classroom management theories. You are aiming to identify the link/s between the teaching, the resulting learning (student engagement) and the climate that has been established in the class.

This critical analysis should:

  • discuss and illustrate the impact of teacher behaviour on learning and student wellbeing
  • identify the ways the students in this class are achieving success in their learning
  • clearly identify the elements of an effective teaching and learning experience
  • evaluate why aspects of the teaching experience are effective and/or need improving
  • consider the classroom management principles and strategies employed to create and maintain this learning environment (including the learning space set-up)
  • compare/contrast this case with your own professional experience
  • explicitly identify the APST components addressed in your analysis
  • explicitly draw on (and reference) theoretical content from EDU3ILE

Required Elements – to structure this task you should include the following:

Introduction (approx. 250 words): Include the title and web link of your selected case study and provide a brief overview of the video including the year level, school, curriculum area and what the teacher and students are doing. Ensure you capture the teaching and learning episode by describing the specific actions, behaviours and attitudes of the teacher(s) and students.

Analysis of the Episode (approx. 500 words): Evaluate and deconstruct the teaching and learning episode using theory; being sure to identify the impact of teaching on learning. What does this teacher believe about learning and engagement?

Analytical reflection of classroom management (approx. 750 words): How does the teacher effectively engage the class as a whole and individual students in particular? Provide examples from the video and draw on theory/research to explain the implicit classroom management principles, values and processes which underpin this case. How is student wellbeing supported?

Comparison with your professional experience (approx. 500 words): How does this teacher’s approach to his/her classroom align with your own professional experience? What are the similarities and differences? In what ways have you adapted or transformed your pedagogical stance as a result of analysing this teacher’s approach? What observation strategies might you adopt in future classroom practicum experiences to develop your own teaching practice?

Conclusion: (approx. 250 words) What have you learned about the relationship between well-structured teaching programs, respectful teaching practice and safe, positive and inclusive learning environments?

References: Cite all resources used, referred to, quoted or paraphrased using APA 6 referencing style. Ensure you have a complete reference list at the end of your submission.

Submission Details:  Submit one Word file containing to the LMS Turnitin Submission Link in the Assessment section of the LMS.

Due: 11pm Fri 5th June 2020

Grading Criteria and Feedback: Individual, personalised feedback will be available to each student via the LMS 1a submission link.

Critical Task: As this is a Critical Task, please note that you will need to download a Pdf of your assessed AT2 submission and submit it to your Evidentiary Portfolio via the PebblePad link in the LMS

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