Apps for Health Care Professionals

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Se494 week 1 | Computer Science homework help

Apa format citation and number them question please

Se494 week 1

Question 1

Mobile Devices and Apps for Health Care Professionals: Uses and Benefits
Give some reasoning behind your views. What would be the impact of this approach to the Health care facilities like Hospitals and general public.


Question 2

What are some of the things that contribute to mobile app “Usability“?

And,  since texting is so cumbersome (limited size, tiny keyboard, etc) compared to full-feature applications, why is it so wildly popular?

Consider  “The forms  of usability and  the usability guidelines” while you are responding this question

Question 3

Question A: What are the Golden Rules of Interface Design for mobile applications?

Question B: What is “Interaction as Brand”?  Give an example form one particular Mobile Phone Hardware and Software Developer

Write your answer in a MS Word document and then upload before its due date.


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