Assessment 2 – Business Report and Presentation

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Assessment 2 – Business Report and Presentation

You are engaged by the CEO of Elite Holdings Pty Ltd to investigate the management issues as briefed below and write a business report to address the issues, the reasons behind the issues, and provide your recommendations for improvement.

The Business Issues of Elite Holdings Pty Ltd:

Elite Holdings Pty Ltd has expanded rapidly in the past 3 years. There has been a huge increase in complaints from both customers and suppliers. Staff morale is low and staff turnover is high.

It is clear that this company values their customers and has a record of excellent internal and external customer relations. You, as a manager, are shocked to learn that complaints have increased by 50% and that the staff turnover is so high. Upon further investigation, you find out that there is a communication issue within the company.

Customer complaints have risen by 50% within the last year and causes for complaints are varied. Only 3 % concern are about the product itself. Over 55% of complaints are to do with product delivery (most of the complaints are about late delivery and the remainder are about delivery to an incorrect address). The delivery staff acknowledge these problems. Further investigation finds that notes sent by the delivery staff via internal post about changes to delivery details are often received after the package has been sent. At times staff were told about changes (verbally) and failed to record the change. There appears to be no formal system for communicating changes to orders.

25% of complaints are about poor face to face communication while delivering customer service on the shop floor. Some complaints referred to rudeness. One complaint made it clear that there was a conflict between staff on the shop floor and the customer. Other issues include a misunderstanding like the fact that the store only sends texts to advise of delivery times, and many of the older customers do not use texting. Poor letter skills, appearance of staff members, and inappropriate tone of some of the communication received are a few of the problems that the company is facing.

Part A Task: (20%)

You are required to write a 1,500 words business report based on the evaluation on the current practices and process of the case study provided and provide recommendations for improvement. Your job is to persuade the management to accept these recommendations.

IntroductionBackground of the issues of the report
 Purpose of the report
 Intended audience (Who will read the report?)
 Background of the organisation
 Type of communications strategy you have chosen to implement
BodyList the main sections or headings to be included in the Discussion section of your
 Find four research sources that will be useful for completing the report. Two of the
  research sources must be from reliable academic sources, such as academic
  journals. The other two sources can come from media sites, books, magazines,
  websites or YouTube
RecommendationsRecommendations are advice about what to do next in order to improve or solve

Part B: In Class Presentation (10%)-Assessment 2 – Business Report and Presentation

You are required to do an in-class presentation based on your Part A report. The presentation should be around 10 – 15 minutes (max). Presentation arraignment will be discussed and arranged by Lecturer.


  • PowerPoint/Prezi of at least 10 minutes (usually about 10 slides) o Include appropriate headings and content

o  Discuss techniques to use to set the stage for a presentation