Assessment: Critical Reflection and Analysis

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Assessment: Critical Reflection and Analysis

Unit Learning Outcome (ULO)Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO)
ULO 2: Identify and appraise ethical, cross cultural and managerial issues likely to be experienced in contemporary organisations.GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities

GLO4: Critical thinking GLO8: Global citizenship

ULO 3: Utilise effective communication techniques to address key organisational issues.GLO2: Communication
ULO 4: Support career aspirations by building the student’s professional identity as a manager through reflective practice, networking and self-management skills.GLO6: Self-management

Description / Requirements

 Throughout the trimester, you are encouraged to keep a reflective/learning journal of the key themes learned from each topic and consider how this learning and other insights have changed your initial perceptions of the topic.

For Assessment 2, you are required to submit two (2) written reflections, each focused on one of the topics from your journal, as specified in the following table.

 Reflection AReflection B
Due date (by 5:00pm)Thursday, 15th AprilThursday, 27th  May
Length1000 words1000 words
Choice of topics

NB. Choose one (1) only

Topic 2: Being a reflective manager

Topic 3: Being entrepreneurial & innovative Topic 4: Working with & managing others

Topic 5: Managing organisational strategy Topic 6: Managing human capital

Topic 7: Managing quality & productivity

Topic 8: Managing change

Each written reflection should include the following aspects:

  • discussion of the key themes from the chosen topic (including reference to the unit resources);
  • reflection on what additional insights have been gained this trimester (if any), and how your learning in relation to this topic area at different points in your degree has changed your perceptions; and
  • identification of your own managerial capabilities/strengths in relation to the themes of the chosen topic, and how you would apply them ethically and responsibly within a diverse.

Presentation and Formatting

Each written reflection must be typed, using 12-point font and a line spacing of 1.5. Pages should be numbered. The written reflection should be set out in paragraph writing (ie. no dot points or “lists”).

As this is a reflective exercise, students may write in the first person (use of “I” is ok; for example, ‘I believe that my understanding of ethics in the workplace has significantly changed since my first year in this degree because ….’). Where the words and ideas of other authors are included, these should be acknowledged with correct use of the Harvard style of referencing.

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