Assignment 3: Unwrapping the Asia market.

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Assignment 3: Unwrapping the Asia market

Qualification outcome expectations

Research and referencing: You are required to engage in some research into the theories underpinning marketing and other sources in order to successfully complete this assignment. Ensure you include a full reference list, including all sources, using APA guidelines (latest edition). Correct referencing is an expectation of tertiary study.

Presentation guidelines: Work is expected to be word-processed and submitted as a Word document or PDF, use a clear, readable font and be within 10% of the given word count (excluding any referencing). Include your name, student number and the paper code and assignment number as a header or footer. Reports should include headings or subheadings as required. Essays should include an introduction, body and conclusion. Spellchecking and proofreading of work prior to submission is strongly encouraged.

Executive Success: Unwrapping the Asia market.

Whittaker’s expects huge growth from export focus:

Assignment Questions:

  1. What incentivised Whittaker’s to branch out into international markets? Evaluate the benefits that Whittaker’s has achieved by conducting international business. What are the potential risks it faces in an international environment?
  1. Describe the options of international business strategy/ies (Entry mode) available to Whittaker’s and critically evaluate the international business strategy/ies it has used.
  1. Imagine you were part of the upper management team at Whittaker’s, recommend your ideal international business strategy and justify your recommendation.

Make sure you reference all of your sources using the latest APA referencing conventions.

Make sure you read the Marking Schedule below carefully before embarking on the assignment. It will give you clear idea of what we are looking for in the submission!


You might at times feel isolated and feel the need to run ideas by your fellow students. Make sure you use the Discussion Board to communicate with your peers and exchange resources and ideas. There is a Forum available just for that purpose. Please use it. If you have questions which you want to address to your facilitator, don’t hesitate to contact them. You will find their contact details on the announcement page.

The report of course will have to be your own work but collaboration at the planning stages and sharing of resources is encouraged.