benefits and recommendations for fibers and starches

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Benefits and recommendations for fibers and starches

Discuss the health benefits and recommendations for fibers and starches. Identify the types and amounts of starches and fibers you include in your own meals and snacks. Have you any experience working with patients or family members who have had issues with GI problems that are the result of consuming a diet low in fiber? If so, how was that managed?

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People should consume foods rich in carbohydrates such as fruits, legumes, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods have high fiber and starch contents that are naturally occurring. Unlike dietary fats, carbohydrates contribute to lower calories in the body and hence, consuming taking starch- and fiber-rich carbohydrate foodstuffs will lower calories in the body. Besides, people should limit the consumption of foods rich in artificial sugars and fats associated with heart diseases. Foods containing fiber and starches prevent the consumer from heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer among other deadly disorders. In addition, foods rich in fibers and starches tend have low fat…read more


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