Best practices to manage cultural diversity

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Best practices to manage cultural diversity


‘Best practices to manage cultural diversity at the MNCs of Australia’

  • Produce a research report relating to the above topics
  • Reports aim to clearly transmit information about a topic that has been compiled as a result of research and analysis to a specific audience. As such, it is an essential communication skill needed for academia, business and government.


You work for a consulting firm, Murdoch Business Solutions. Your company is often contracted by firms looking for solutions to Human Resources issues. Your manager has tasked you and your colleagues with creating a report that discusses strategies for dealing with issues faced by contemporary businesses. Your company will use this report as a baseline for future work.

Detailed instructions:

The report must include:

  • Executive Summary (focus on your recommendations to Senior Managers) (80 words)
  • Introduction (An interesting start that ‘hooks’ that interests the reader; link to organisational productivity and performance) (100 words)
  • Body:
    • Definition of key terms
    • Issues – describe the issues identified (using the literature, analysing how it would affect the organisation)
  • Recommendations – develop a series of recommendation/s to present to the Senior Management Team (150-200 words)
  • Reference List

Your report should include headings; you must include at least 10 relevant academic / credible references (2008+). The report must include all in text and end text references as per the Murdoch guidelines

You must use APA referencing.