Business Communication case for Facebook

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Business Communication case for Facebook

Please read the assessment brief (1A) on Blackboard. This assignment is all about evaluating 10 sources (articles, journals, websites, you tube clips and so on) according to the criteria set out in the assessment brief.

Creating an annotated bibliography calls for the application of succinct analytical and reflective skills, as well as informed online and library research. This assessment provides experience and understanding of information literacy and the analysis and synthesis of a range of resources involved in academic research and writing.

In this assessment, you will be examining the effectiveness of the Facebook platform as a vehicle for business communications. It has been determined that the use of Facebook as a business communications tool will be THE key theme for this course.

You will essentially be examining whether Facebook enhances business communications or whether it hinders the proper functioning of business by being a distraction to staff, customers and other stakeholders. In other words, I want you to prepare a case for Facebook; that is, is it a useful tool for business communications AND a case against Facebook; that is, is it an ineffective and unproductive tool for business communications? This case study on Facebook will be the theme of your annotated bibliography where you are to examine 10 sources that deal with the case for and against Facebook as a tool for business communications. You could examine 5 sources/references FOR Facebook and 5 sources/references AGAINST.

Keep in mind the sources used in this Assessment 1A will also form the basis for your second assessment – Assessment 1B – Forming an Argument.

When choosing a topic, do the following:

? Locate material (books, periodicals, white papers and other documents) that may contain useful information and ideas on your issue.
? Briefly examine and review the items and select 10 that represent a variety of perspectives on the issue.
? Write an annotation of 150 words for each reference summarising the central theme and scope. The annotation should include one or more sentences that,
o evaluates the authority or background of the author
o comments on the intended audience
o compare or contrast this work with another you have cited o explain how this work illuminates your bibliography topic
? Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the reference list.

For this assignment – as with the others – always start with an introduction (introduce the topic to the reader assuming he/she knows nothing about the topic – and end with a conclusion summarising the points you made in the main body of your report.