Business process is happening in mechanics shop

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Business process is happening in mechanics shop

Business process is happening in mechanics shop (changing oil, tyres, components etc.)

 Customer arrives and asks for help or advice to replace or change the oil or a car components, fluids

1) A requirements catalogue where the requirements of the business process are logically grouped, are well-written and can be understood by the relevant stakeholders.
a. At the very least, the requirements should have the operational requirements grouped together, and the control requirements grouped separately

2) An explanation of how the student would go about a) validating and b) managing any updates (new items, changed items, deleted items) to the above mentioned business descriptions and requirements catalogue with the relevant stakeholders.

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A requirements catalog defines and documents high-level specifications of a given system, operations or processes presented in an entry form (O’Loughlin & Bon, 2010). The focus will be on the business processes which happen in a mechanics shop setting. It would consist of operational requirements and control requirements. Operational requirements refer to statements that describe the performance measures, associated requirements, critical capabilities and series of actions desirable in achieving results (Maosen, 2016). Control requirements form a continuous exercise throughout a particular project in the form of management processes.

Operational Requirements Catalogue

Type of the business process in mechanics settingEngine oil and oil filter change
DescriptionOil change forms the most basic activity of car maintenance. The process is not carried out without a reason- the engine oil ensures ultimate cooling and lubrication of every single engine. It is one of the automobile’s components that abrade rapidly when the engine is overstrained and insufficiently supplied with lubrication (Paydar, Babaveisi, & Safaei, 2017). Oil change should always be followed by changing the oil filter that helps clean micro-contaminants from engine oil that could affect its operations.
Range of services·         Removing oil from the engine through the suction device or oil pan drain.

·         Replacing the old filter with a new one.

·         Refilling the engine with new oil.

·         Checking parameters of an engine using a diagnostic device.

·         Placing an oil changer reminder label beneath the hood.

Reliability The services are provided by highly trained mechanics in a professional garage.
Benefits·         It provides protection to the engine against corrosion (Lansdown, 2013).

·         It reduces the mechanical wearing of an engine and its friction.

·         It ensures the cooling of an engine by means of heat dissipation.

·         It minimizes the vibration resulting from engine operation.

·         Changing oil filter ensures safe operations of the engine (Gilles, 2018).

EfficiencyProvision of timely and customized oil change services which include choosing the most suitable oil and filter for your automobile.
Non- Operational requirementsA regular check of oil level by the driver by using the dipstick.

Control Requirements Catalogue

GoalTo ensure that a viable service catalog is prepared and sustained, comprising relevant information on all operations involving the change of engine oil and filter.
Activities·         Seeking to agree and document services of changing engine oil and filters with all the relevant parties.

·         Ensuring the production and proper maintenance of service catalog together with its content with respect to service portfolio in the mechanics setting.

·         Seeking to interface the change of filters and engine oil services with IT services to ensure efficiency and continuity of the business process with other supporting services outlined in the Business Service Catalogue.

·         Interfacing with Service Level Management and Mechanics Relationship Management described in the Operational Requirements Catalogue.

InputMechanics information from the mechanic’s shop IT strategy, Business Impact Analysis, financial plans, service requirements changes and feedback from clients and other processes.
OutputIntegrated and updated Mechanics Service Portfolio that showcases all the relevant and current status of all available services and their respective requirements.
RolesThe manager attached to the services contained in the Control Requirements Catalogue.

The aspect of validating and managing emerging updates with respect to changed items, new items or even deleted items is important to both the business and the relevant stakeholders. The validation of engine oil could be achieved in several ways. For instance, the business could carry out field trials by unveiling new engine oils to the adversities of trucking operations in a real-world setting. This would help in assessing whether new blends of engine oil will perform as expected. One key factor that would reveal the types of stresses encountered by engine oils, is how automobile users operate them. Another method that could be used to validate new engine oil is lab test although it presents some ...Read more


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Business process is happening in mechanics shop

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