Case Report Assignment Planning Template

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Case Report Assignment Planning Template

TASK: Create a plan for your Case Report Assignment (CRA).

1.0 Introduction

(THINK – A short plan of what will be in the Case Report Assignment)

  • Explain the organisation background and four-five important case facts (case facts must be cited/referenced)
  • Briefly outline the ‘Planning’/’Strategic Management’ Management Issue
  • Explain the structure of the report

2.0 Management Issue Discussion: Outline the detail of the Management Issue that you have located in the case study, explaining relevance to the organisation and importance to understand and analyse.

 2.1.1 Begin with a clear Management Issue statement about Planning/Strategic Management, linking to the organisation’s Management Approach (Paradigm). Discuss the issue using facts from the case. Explain WHY it is a problem/prospect for the organisation.

2.1.2 Provide discussion of the fit and purpose of the Management Approach (Paradigm) for this organisation. Explain why it is necessary for the issue to be understood and solved/managed.

  • Don’t forget to cite and reference the Parr article and your Textbook
  • Don’t forget to cite/reference the case study

3.0 Critical Discussion: Analyse (critically discuss) the issue in relation to the Organisation’s views toward Planning/Strategic Management Theory.

3.1.1 How does Planning/Strategic Management Theory link to the case? (it is okay here to also link back to the Management Approach (Paradigm

3.1.2 Which Planning/Strategic Management theory will address the Management Issue and how does it do this?

  • Research three (3) further Planning/Strategic Management Journal Articles relevant to the Management Issue to support the critical discussion
  • Don’t forget to cite and reference the Journal Articles that you have found that relate

4.0 Recommendation: Provide one (1) practical idea for a Recommendation, to either solve the management Issue, or support moving forward more productively into the future.

5.0 Conclusion

A very short summary of the paper (no new material). Around three (3) sentences.

Reference List (APA 7th format)
Make sure the case study and Parr article/Leading Journal Articles are referenced. If you use the textbook, that must also be referenced.

NOTE: Your Case Report Planning Draft is to be no longer than two-three pages. Use the template below in support.

Case Report Assignment Planning Draft

1.0 Introduction (write a draft Introduction as if it was for your actual assignment – summarise your 4-5 important case facts and present the basic idea behind your Management Issue about Planning/Strategic Management).

2.0 Management Issue Identification (take your Management Issue and expand to explain why it is important to understand and work on).



3.0 Critical Discussion (provide a plan of what you will write about regarding your Management Issue and Planning/Strategic Management in relation to the Journal Article literature that you have found).



4.0 Recommendation (provide your basic idea for the Recommendation – ensure it is practical and focused).

 5.0 Conclusion (short summary of three key points from your plan

Reference List (provide in APA 7th format).