Chalmers’ Hard Problem & Dennett Zombie Slayer

Imagine that an intelligent 12 year-old (yes, your little sister, yet again!) asks you to explain two things: a) David Chalmers “Hard Problem” of Consciousness; and b) Daniel Dennett’s argument against Philosophy Zombies.


In 5 lines tops, each, in your own words, and using only layperson terminology, answer this smart 12 year-old questions. To support your explanations, you will use quotes from any of the sources provided. You will indicate which particular element of your reasoning is supported by which particular quote by using super-numerals (as in a footnote reference, with the quote being your footnote [1]). Quotes support your classification when they demonstrate to your reader (me, in this case) that authors in question really meant what you’re arguing they meant. Avoid using irrelevant (when the connection between the quote and your claim is not made evident), or obscure quotes (when your reader must do all the work). Remember, again, the distinction between a description and an explanation!

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Chalmers’ Hard Problem & Dennett Zombie Slayer