Chapter 22 – Assignment: Handling a Petition

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Chapter 22 – Assignment: Handling a Petition

How Would You Handle This Petition?

Betty Smith, a unit clerk, has come to see you, the nurse-manager of the medical unit, to complain of flagrant discriminatory practices against female employees of University General Hospital.  She alleges that women are denied promotional and training opportunities comparable to those made available to men.  She shows you a petition with 35 signatures supporting her allegations.  Ms. Smith has threaten to forward this petition to the administrator of the hospital, the press, and the Department of Labor unless corrective action is taken at once.  Being a woman yourself, you have some sympathy for Ms. Smith’s complaint.  However, you believe overall that employees at University General are treated fairly regardless of their sex. Ms. Smith, a fairly good employee, has worked on your unit for 4 years.  However, she has been creating problems lately.  She has been reprimanded for taking to much time for coffee breaks.  Personnel evaluations that recommend pay raises and promotions are due next week.


  1. Read the scenario above and answer the following questions:
    1. How should you handle this problem?
    2. Is the personnel evaluation an appropriate time to address the petition?
    3. Outline your plan and explain your rationale

Expert Partial Solution 

How should you handle this problem?

Human progress cannot be categorized as being inevitable or automatic as every step towards justice needs sacrifice, struggle, suffering, and dedication among all members involved. As a nurse manager, it is my responsibility to listen to the concerns of all employees and address them. Given the importance of the issue presented by Betty Smith regarding discrimination in the workplace, I will have to understand the Employment Nondiscrimination Act that is often referred to as ENDA to help solve the issue as it is the fundamental American right to be treated equally in their respective work environments. The Civil Rights Act of the year 1964 must also be understood and taken into consideration. Thus to handle the problem, I will have to understand the nature of the complaint presented by Betty Smith and look into all possible scenarios to ensure neither her rights nor that of other female employees were being infringed with the aim of avoiding a lawsuit to the hospital.

Is the personnel evaluation an appropriate time to address the petition?

Yes, I believe it is the correct time to address the petition presented. This is because opportunities in an organization are always offered with regards to personal commitment and dedication of an employee towards the organization. Given that Betty Smith who is a unit clerk who has been offering her services to the organization for the past four years was complaining regarding opportunities offered to different employees based on gender, I believe it is critical to address the situation at this specific time. The fact that more

Outline your plan and explain your rationale

To solve the discrimination case presented by Betty Smith, I will utilize the following plan to get to the bottom of issues and ensuring it is resolved before it gets out of hand:

  1. Ensure the hospital has a complaint mechanism put in place for other employees feeling the same way to report
  2. Ensure the hospital has a corporate awareness that constitutes against discrimination of all kinds…read more

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Chapter 22 – Assignment: Handling a Petition