Chinese Religion the Confucian Principles

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Chinese Religion the Confucian Principles

For this option, address the following:

Define each of the following Confucian principles: ren, yi, li, zhi, and xin.

 Confucianism showed us the most important factors to create a peaceful society-a society where people are not killing each other-“propriety” and “benevolence,” with the addition of “Yi” (義, “righteousness”), “Zhi” (智, “wisdom”), and “Xin” (信, “trustworthiness”). With those last three elements, the list became the five cardinal virtues of Confucianism-Ren (humanity, benevolence), Yi (righteousness), Li (propriety, rites), Zhi (wisdom, knowledge), and Xin (trustworthiness).

ren: Duan Yucai of the Qing Dynasty believed that “benevolence” means intimacy between two people, so the word “benevolence” is “from the person”. In “History of Chinese Political Thought”, Liang Qichao also preached “benevolence” as “a puppet”. But the “benevolence” of “Congren Er” is not the earliest “benevolence”. “Shuowen Jiezi” explains that the ancient text “benevolence” is earlier than the first “benevolence”, and there are two kinds: Congqianxin’s “忎” “And from the corpse’s “𡰥”. Confucius believed that another thing-“Ren” (仁), or “benevolence”-was also needed to maintain a peaceful society. What is this “benevolence”? It means consideration of others, sympathy, and compassion. If people have consideration of others when they interact, human relations will be shaped without resistance and opposition, arguments and conflicts, hatred and malice.





Choose one of these principles and explain how it contributes to social harmony.
Illustrate with an example of how this principle compares to your own beliefs and/or religious background.
Have you witnessed your chosen principle in action in your work? How does it relate to what you are called to do as a healthcare professional?

2) Explain the Daoist ideal of wuwei.

Writing Requirements

1-2 well developed paragraphs
Minimum of 2 sources cited (assigned readings/online lessons and one outside scholarly source)
APA format for in-text citations (inclujmzde page or paragraph) and references