Choices and Change

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MN6003 Strategy: Choices and Change

Theme 2:         Strategy Decision-Making

Assignment 2: Netflix in India


Deadline:         Wednesday, 13th September 2023, 3 pm, submitted via Turnitin / WebLearn (Week 15)


You are a strategy consultant, advising many of the world’s leading companies.  Your task is to produce a strategy report for Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, analysing Netflix’s global strategy and their strategy in India.

Your strategy report should be a maximum of 2,000 words, based on the Netflix India case study and your responses to the three sub-questions below (for section 2.0).  Your report should demonstrate your ability to use and apply a wide range of strategy models, concepts, and theories (MCT), based around strategy decision-making, to Netflix and Netflix India.

Using data, facts and figures from the case study, the three sub-questions which you must address for Reed Hastings, detailed in section 2.0, are:

1) How and why has Netflix’s overall global strategy been successful so far?  (Possible strategy models: Porter’s Generic Strategies / Bowman’s Strategy Clock, plus others as appropriate)

 2) Netflix launched in India in 2016.  Is Netflix India’s strategy sustainable, and what are their choices and options for India?  (Possible strategy models: Ansoff Matrix, plus others as appropriate)

 3) Does Netflix’s strategy in India follow the company’s overall global strategy?  (Possible strategy models: Mergers, acquisitions, and alliances / SAFe criteria / Choice Matrix, plus others as appropriate)

Indicative Structure for Report:

Title page and Contents page

1.0       Executive Summary (200 words maximum)

2.0       Case Study Analysis – addressing and answering each of the three sub-questions above (approx. 600 words per question, plus diagrams, models, charts, graphs, tables, images = 1,800 words maximum)

3.0       Recommendations – using your analysis from section 2.0, explain which other countries Netflix could launch in next, as part of their overall global strategy (200 words maximum).

4.0       References – there should be at least five different academic references from text books, academic journal articles, and news / media articles

Use Arial, size 12, 1.5 spacing, and follow the London Met guide to Harvard system of referencing, see: / You must also make use of visuals, such as graphs, images, tables, images and charts, to enhance your written text – that way, your strategy report will be much more visually appealing.