Claims to Environmental Friendliness

After reading 7 Sins of Greenwashing (And 5 Ways to Keep It Out of Your Life), (Links to an external site.) discuss the tension between business’s interests in maximizing profits and the public’s interest in receiving complete, truthful, and non-misleading information about products that they purchase.

Consumers have become acutely aware of the quality, safety, and environmental impacts of the products they consume. They are in dire need of accurate, complete, and non-deceptive information about the products they buy. Businesses find it increasingly challenging to meet escalating needs, impelling them to provide misleading advertisements about their products to retain profit margins. People are more knowledgeable about the planet’s condition and are better informed in their decisions to purchase green products (Darnall et al., 2012). Since many businesses find it excessively expensive to go green, they are using greenwashing by providing nature-evoking images that appeal to human’s affinity for nature and positively influencing their attitudes towards the brand and its ads. This implies that while consumers are determined to buy safer and non-toxic products that protect the ecosystems, businesses focus exclusively on their core goal of making a profit…Read more

From a business perspective, what are the dangers of greenwashing?

Going green can help safeguard the planet’s natural systems. For businesses, it means incurring additional costs that can be challenging to absorb. Greenwashing, to conceal their unwillingness or inability to go green, may have devastating effects on a business. It can decrease the customer base, damage company reputation, lower sales, and land the business in unnecessary lawsuits. After learning that a company has been misleading them, loyal customers may cut ties and completely cease consuming the company’s products. When a business is involved in greenwashing and customers realize the truth, the harm to its reputation is much worse than just trying to be eco-friendly from the start.

If you were a marketing executive, would you have a policy against greenwashing? Why or why not?

If I were a marketing executive, I would have policies against greenwashing. Product marketing should be to inform consumers so that they can make sound decisions when buying products. Initiating policies against vague or false marketing can ensure this goal is achieved successfully. They can ensure customers are provided with accurate information that enables them to act sustainably.

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