Class Activities: Lead and Manage Change

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Class Activities: Lead and Manage Change

Why is it important to analyse an organisation’s objectives when identifying change requirements or opportunities?

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Explain two (2) different types of strategic changes required as a result of an analysis of organisational objectives.

  • Restructuring strategic changes refers to the reorganization of the business structure, from legal, ownership to operational. Reengineering refers to the process of reinventing the business processes.
  • Reengineering strategic changes is about rethinking and redesign a new management system capable to ensure efficient objectives achievement; restructuring is more about cost-cutting, especially people related costs, hence staff reduction.

Assume that the organisation where you work has a new strategic objective related to the introduction of new technology. It will be used throughout the organisation to perform day to day tasks and will affect the employees. Identify the type of policies and practices that may need to be reviewed.

  • Communication policies and practices
  • Cost management policies
  • Security policies
  • Collaboration practices
  • Safety policies

Using the PESTLE analysis tool, identify three current factors in each category which affect (or may potentially affect) your industry sector.

Political: Lack of political stability in a country effects business operations. Governments can raise or lower corporation tax, which will impact on profits.

Economic: If unemployment is high, then firms have more potential workers to choose from. When interest rates are high, businesses borrow less and invest less.

Social: Social factors are the things that affect the habits and spending of customers. These include:

  • demographics
  • lifestyles
  • tastes and trends

Technology: Technological factors refer to the ways new practices and equipment can affect businesses. These include:

  • research and development
  • automation
  • e-commerce

Legal: Consumer law & Employment law

Environmental: Environmental factors cover two main aspects:

The physical conditions that a business has to deal with, such as:

  • climate change
  • weather

The green credentials of global business, including:

  • recycling
  • pollution

A business has grown and the manual accounting system needs to be replaced by a computerised accounting system.

List in priorities the change management requirements and document below

  • Readiness Assessments
  • Communication and Communication Planning
  • Sponsor Activities and Sponsor Roadmaps
  • Change Management Training for Managers
  •  Training Development and Delivery
  • Resistance Management

Imagine the business has decided to invest $20,000 in a computerised accounting system and staff training to replace the manual accounting system. Identify potential tangible and intangible benefits that can be achieved from this investment.

  • Reduce the time spent on manual processes
  • Less errors and increased accuracy
  • Real-time financial information
  • Automated invoices, credit notes and receipts
  • Innovative financial technology
  • Save money on resources
  • Faster record-keeping leads to more business

Identify any barriers that the organisation can be faced with in the implementation of the new accounting system and the mitigation strategies that could be implemented to address the barriers.

  • Misaligned expectations
  • Data Integrity
  • Lack of preparedness among the project team
  • Lack of preparedness among the employees
  • Inadequate system training tools

Explain the importance of developing a change management plan and the key information that should be included in the plan?

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Why is it important to gaining approval from the relevant authorities for change management processes?

  • Change Correction: Some aspects of the change may need some changes
  • Corporate Closure: Executive oversight is important for large projects. Some execs will get into the weeds and review documents themselves. Usually, they will delegate, such that each of their departments is represented in the approval process
  • Coverage of Context: Each authority will identify “missing” requirements relative to the other authorities:

Assume that you have successfully developed a change management plan. What key elements will you consider when preparing a communication plan to introduce the changes?

What activities would you include in the communication plan?

Consult in your group members and identify responses to the barriers to change given in the table  below:

How would you make sure that interventions and activities set out in a project plan are implemented?

What methods can be used to evaluate, review and modify a project plan?

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