Communication and Team Building

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 Communication and Team Building

Discuss the importance of identifying norms within a team. Why is clear communication considered an essential element during team development? Provide an example when you were a team member and the lack of communication caused significant problems for the team. Respond to at least two of your peers for this posting.

Partial Solution 

“Norms tend to develop slowly but then become difficult to change” (Baack, 2017). It is important to identify norms in a group because many other participants of the group will just go along with the rest of the group. If incorrect or unethical norms surface it may be difficult to change these (Baack, 2017).

Open communication is crucial during the performing stage of group development (Baack, 2017). The group needs to support each other and work towards the goal of the group. All people in the group should have communicated their ideas and heard ideas from all other group member in order to determine the best strategy to complete the task required. Without open communication at the beginning of the meetings this may be a time where a person in the group decides they do not like the ides of another group member or that they have an idea they had not discussed with the group. At the performing stage of group developing it would be too late to discuss and implement new ideas. All members of the group should strive to be open to discussion and new ideas during the beginning stages of the development so all ideas can be explored.


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Communication and Team Building

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