Company Selection and Media Overview

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Company Selection and Media Overview


The overall course project is to build a strategic digital media marketing plan on a focused target audience and company. Through various research, analysis and strategic framework exercises, this overall course project will equip you for a solid foundation on how to develop an overall media marketing plan.

Through a series of 4 milestones and a final project submission, this project will build upon each other in sequence to align with the modules being covered in the course.

This first project focuses on selecting a company and a target audience for the media marketing plan. The chosen company should be any major publicly traded company within the clothing, restaurant, or consumer electronics industry.  The goal is to ensure that the company is public, so there is an opportunity to conduct research on the company via open research resources.  Focus on a company you have an interest in, but also one that you believe has an opportunity for you to formulate a vision for how to develop media strategies to resonate with consumers and drive competitive advantage

In this first project, the following questions need to be answered:

  1. Who is the company?
  2. What is a brief overview of the company?
    1. Their history
    2. Mission and vision statements
    3. Types of product/services they offer
    4. Their current market share or most recent year fiscal earnings that can be found
  3. Digital Media presence, do they have:
    1. Website
    2. Social Media, if so what channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    3. Referral presence on a coupon or other blog sites?
      1. **For all the above just listing out examples is important. It’s important to understand the company’s digital media presence in this first milestone, just to get acclimated with how the company operates digitally today in marketing and connecting with consumers. Future projects will dive further into how content is sued on these types of websites.
  4. What other marketing mediums do this company seem to participate in?
  5. What is your initial opinion of their digital media presence?

This milestone project should fundamentally introduce the company, and an initial assessment of the current standing of the digital media marketing strategies.  Future milestone projects will focus on exploring new media strategies to influence either acquisition, retention, or strategies for both, based on paid, earned, or owned media.

All milestones and the entire course project will be in PowerPoint format with a final voice-over in the final project at the end of the class.  Milestones 1-4 will NOT have the voice over, just the final compiled final project submission.  However, each milestone assignment should be in the same power point format. Any powerpoint format and template is at the student discretion but must be in a professional tone and font size.  Part of the evaluation of the presentation is the executive presences of the work, just as the business world.

This first milestone should be approximately 6-8 slides with a title and references slide, although those do not count towards the minimum expectation of 6-8.