Company’s decision-making process

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Company’s decision-making process

A1. Discuss how ALL of the following aspects from the scenario affect the company’s decision-making process (Unit 3: Module 2)

  1. Company culture
  1. Organizational structure
  1. Mission and vision statements (as they affect the strategic direction)

A2. Describe how the company’s culture could affect the market entry strategy.  (Furthermore, what type of culture is the company? Use the Competing Values Framework to explain your answer.) One explanation will suffice. (Unit 4: Module 4)


A3. Discuss in detail whether the organizational structure is an advantage or disadvantage to the company and explain why.  (Unit 4: Module 4)

B1. Describe specific characteristics of the emerging market that affect the product from the provided scenario. (At least two.) (Unit 3: Module 2)
B2. Based on the emerging market characteristics from B1, discuss in detail how either a new product or improvement to the existing product would meet those market needs. (Unit 2: Module

B2a.  Based on your answer for B2. detail EACH step the company would take in the design process of the new product or improvement to the existing product. Five to seven steps are possible. (Unit 2; Module 1)

B2b.  Based on the design process from B2, choose THREE of the following aspects from the scenario.  Then, provide a DETAILED discussion on how each of these aspects would affect the design process from B2.  (Unit 2: Module 1)

  • Company culture
  • Emerging Market Culture
  • Company ethics
  • Emerging market ethics
  • Organizational structure
  • Global legal systems

B3. How does the company’s ethical statement in the scenario influence the market entry strategy? Supply details. (Unit 4 Module 4)

If using sources to support ideas and elements in a paper or project, the submission should include APA formatted in-text citations with a corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing.  For example, if you used 4 different books and articles and there is at least one in-text citation for each, you need to have 4 references here.  Use Purdue OWL for questions on APA formatting.  References need to be double-spaced and all but the first line of each need to be indented.