Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

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Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

Answer all SIX (6) of the following questions. The questions come from the tutorial questions from week 2 to week 11.

Week 2 Tutorial

1 (a) Describe 4 benefits of Business Ethics for organizations? (4 marks – 200 words)

  • Provide a practical, real life example of how business ethics has proved advantageous for an organisation of your choice. (3 marks – 100 words)

Week 4 Tutorial

2 (a) List and explain 5 points from The Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) Act? (5 marks – 200 words)

  • Do you personally believe that the SOX Act is effective? Justify your answer. (2 marks – 100 words)

Week 5 Tutorial

3 (a) Draw the Framework for Ethical Decision Making in business. (2 marks)

  • Using an organisation of your choice, provide and explain 5 practical examples how can you use the Ethical Decision Making Model to Improve Ethical Decisions? (5 marks – 300 words)

Week 6 Tutorial

4 (a) According to Kohlberg’s model of cognitive moral development (CMD), people pass through 6 cognitive moral development stages. List and describe the 6 stages. (3 marks – 150 words)

  • As per other academic scholars and authors, what are the 4 limitations that they found with this CMD model? (Note: You have to quote the academic scholars’/ Author’s name in your answers) (4 marks – 150 words)

Week 6 Tutorial

  1. Read the below scenario based on the Kohlberg’s model of cognitive moral development (CMD) and answer the questions that follows.

Heinz’s wife was dying from a particular type of cancer. Doctors said a new drug might save her. The drug had been discovered by a local chemist, and Heinz tried desperately to buy some, but the chemist was charging ten times the money it cost to make the drug, and this was much more than the Heinz could afford.

Heinz could only raise half the money, even after help from family and friends. He explained to the chemist that his wife was dying and asked if he could have the drug cheaper or pay the rest of the money later.

The chemist refused, saying that he had discovered the drug and was going to make money from it. The husband was desperate to save his wife, so later that night he broke into the chemist’s and stole the drug.

Should Heinz have stolen the drug? Justify your answer. (2 marks – 100 words)

Would it change anything if Heinz did not love his wife? Justify your answer. (3 marks– 100 words)

  • What if the person dying was a stranger, would it make any difference? Justify your answer. (3 marks – 100 words)
  • Should the police arrest the chemist for murder if the woman died? Justify your answer. (3 marks – 100 words)

Week 11 Tutorial

6 (a) Identify and briefly describe 5 Global Ethical issues. (5 marks – 200 marks)

  • Using a country of your choice, discuss the Global Ethical issues you have listed in 6
  • (a). (6 marks – 200 words)


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