Consultancy Project for Hospitality Management

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Consultancy Project for Hospitality Management

Columbia Hotel

95-99 Lancaster Gate, Paddington, London W2 3NS




1.1 Causes and effects of a range of managerial challenges

• Discover their challenges

1.2 Critically analyse management theory, analyse and interpret a variety of complex industry-specific managerial problems and issues

• Managerial style
• Organizational structure
• Issues
• Use PESTLE/SWOT Analysis

1.3 Exercise initiative and take responsibility for the outcomes of their decision, or proposed actions, and to evaluate the impact of these outcomes in a real- life context

• Recommendations


References – Harvard

1,000 words (10%+/-)

Consultancy Project for Hospitality Management (proposal)

According to classical management, theory management is a process through which roles are prescribed within an organization. Management is done by managers who influence other employees’ efforts towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. It also has a segment of incentives and rewards. Managers therefore normally in the best position to identify need and enhancement for change. In most organizations such as the Columbia hotel, being a manager needs one to be a ‘compensation package’ and not just sitting in a cubicle. Managers are required to work hard every day (Tulgan, 2014)……