Consumer Behavior Netflix Amazon prime Hotstar

Topic – Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar

The following section details questions/information that should be answered in your project, when comparing and contrasting the 3 competitive brands:

Report Format Phase 1- Brand Comparison Project Title page (Names, course, university, date, project title, APA format required)

Brief Introduction


Explain how sensory marketing, using the five senses, has been used as a source of competitive advantage by each of the 3 products


Explain the behavioural learning theories that apply to each of the 3 products

Observation learning: how does this apply to each of the 3 products

Motivation and Affect:

What motivational conflicts exist for purchasers of each of the products?

What consumer need(s) does each product fill?

The Self

Self-concept: Explain which “self” each product appeals to

Explain the role of the extended self for each of the products

Personality, Lifestyle and Values

Trait theory: identify the traits of the target market for each product

Brand personality: identify the brand personality of each of the products

Lifestyle: identify the lifestyle of the target market for each product

Persona: For each of the 3 products, create a visual collage of the persona or psychographic profile of the target market for the product. Each persona should be one page and should be included in the appendix to the report.


ABC Model: explain the ABC model for each of the 3 products


Are there any current ethical issues in marketing that the producers of the three products should be concerned with? If so, how have the producers of the three products responded?

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