Consumer buying motives for a funeral service

Topic A: Consumer Motivation

In Longenecker (2019) Chapter17, we learned about consumer buying motives. In this discussion, we will discuss how these motives affect the advertising strategy for a business.

Topic A: Initial Post
Discuss a consumer buying motive that would apply to a funeral service. Post an answer to this question using information from the text, your experiences, or from another quality source. Make sure to use APA formatting to cite your sources. Your written post should be at least 200 words in length or you may make a video response.

Expert Solution

Discuss a consumer buying motive that would apply to a funeral service

Consumer buying motives refer to reasons or influential factors that encourage or impel a customer to choose particular goods or services in preference to others. Common consumer buying motives include price, color, size, and design. These motives can be generally categorized into two:

  • Emotional
  • Rational

Rational consumer buying motive would apply to a funeral service since customers may be influenced by convenience, suitability, low price, and safety of a funeral home. For example, a bereaved person can prefer to use the services of a funeral home offering its services at an affordable price to another that he/she considers as expensive. Besides, …Read more


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Consumer buying motives for a funeral service