Creative and critical thinking in teams

This Assignment assesses the following Course Outcome.
MT340-5: Develop creative and critical thinking in teams.
Read the scenario and respond to the checklist items.
Scenario: You, your spouse, and your two siblings and their spouses, need to get away as you all have
extremely high pressure jobs. In order to really get away from technology, cell phones, etc., you rent an
island home from Rene (who owns the island) that is only accessed by small plane 45 minutes away from
the mainland for one month. The rent is prepaid. The small plane will come back in exactly one month to
pick you up. You have all the groceries you need for one month which came on your flight over. The house
is located on a steep cliff overlooking the ocean and receives water through a cistern (an open storage
cement box open to the rain) on the roof, which is then filtered. After two days there, the six of you realize
that the house has almost no water left, but you all agree you want to stay. The island has three other
homes owned by Rene, which all happen to be vacant right now, but there is no town. You have a landline
phone that communicates with the small landing strip station at which they only speak French, which none
of you speaks.
 Explain why creative and critical thinking are important to the team.
 Explain how you as a leader or group member will develop creative and critical thinking in the team
of six (6).
 Analyze what factors might affect creative and critical thinking in this team. How can the group avoid
 Identify some common fallacies in reasoning.
 Summarize the tools you would use to enhance creative and critical thinking skills to resolve the
 How can you the team evaluate the viability of a proposed solution?
Make sure your essay includes the following.
● Introduce your topic.
● Respond to the checklist items in this Assignment and provide support for your responses as
● Provide a conclusion.
● Write your paper in a clear and articulate manner using Standard English.
● Ensure it is well-organized, logical, and unified, and that your work is original and insightful.
● Use APA formatting and citation style for your paper.
● Respond in a 2–3-page paper with a separate title and reference page.
● Provide at least two quality references in addition to the textbook, for a total of at least
Submit your Assignment to the Unit 7 Assignment Dropbox. Submit by Tuesday 11:59
Eastern Time.