Decline in union membership in Australia

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Decline in union membership in Australia

Individual Report instructions

Assignment Topic

You have been working as a Research Fellow for one of Australia’s newest labour unions, the Australian Hipster Union (AHU).  The CEO of this union, Mr Soli Darity, has asked you to undertake some research on trends in union membership in Australia.  Darity has just returned from a meeting of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), where he learned that Union membership in Australia has declined dramatically over the last 40 years.

Darity has asked you to explore this decline in union membership in Australia and provide him with a 2000-word report with at least 12 academic references in APA referencing styleIn particular, he has asked you to:

  1. outline the magnitude of the decline in union memberships in Australia over the last 40 years
  1. explore the academic research and commentaries to outline the antecedents (or causes) and consequences of this decline in trade union membership.

 Essential Criteria:

  • Provides a direct and well supported response to the report requirements. Draws upon high quality research to support the argument.
  • Excellent critical and insightful analysis of the relevant research; Clearly demonstrates the key findings of the research on the antecedents and consequences of Trade Union decline.
  • Sequence and structure are logical and easy to follow; excellent overall organisation.
    Powerful connections between different sections; clear and concise focus throughout.
  • Excellent conclusion; Provides a direct response to the essay statement, drawing on the arguments and evidence presented in the essay; Clearly identifies the complexities of the topic.

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Decline in union membership in Australia