EDL 760 Define the Problem, Research & Seek Information

Assignment 1MR

Reflect on your experiences as an educator and your experiences in the program (coursework, field experiences, and internships). Analyze a school’s mission and vision statements to reflect on how these statements align with each other. How are these two statements related? Is there explicit alignment? Reflect on the values highlighted by these statements and determine if they are aligned with issues of social justice and equity in an educational setting (CAEP). Determine where and how the contradictions between stated mission and vision and actual practices in the school are evident.

In essence: What is and what should be?

Define the Problem: Use the chart to brainstorm possible areas of misalignment between the school vision and mission and the reality of the school site based on your reflections.

Write a reflection on your selection of the problem discussing how it relates to issues of equity and social justice. Include background information explaining why you have chosen this area (only one is required) of focus. Submit to your faculty mentor for approval.

Examine various scholarly sources to familiarize yourself with the relevant research related to the problem or issue you have defined as it relates to social justice and equity Identify relevant research sources that clarify further and support the selection of your problem.

  • Select three to five peer-reviewed scholarly sources of literature to identify the current state of scholarship on your topic
  • Compare different material highlighting similarities, differences and connection

Based on your reading of the peer reviewed sources, provide a synthesis of the issues, trends, and concepts in a 2-3-page report. Make sure to analyze what the literature says about the problem and how it relates to equity and social justice. Include a reference list, in APA format, of all the resources examined in the research of the literature.