Describing iRobots business strategy

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Describing iRobots business strategy

Assignment Overview:

Review Case 11: iRobot and answer the following questions:

  1. Identify the driving forces in the robotic vacuum industry. Which of these forces appears to be the strongest? Where does the industry appear to be headed as a result of these forces?
  2. What are iRobot’s competitive and resource strengths, and what opportunities do you identify? What notable weaknesses and threats are facing the company? Assess the combined impact of these forces on iRobot’s future profitability.
  3. Describe iRobot’s business strategy. Does it appear well-suited for the company in 2018?
  4. iRobot has the largest market share in a growing market, but does the company have a competitive advantage? A sustainable advantage?  What additional strategies could the company adopt to secure or sustain a competitive advantage?
  5. Which of iRobot’s competitors presents that greatest competitive threat? Why? Support your answer.

Assignment Expectations:

  • For each question, your response must be at least six (6) complete sentences long.
    • Note: If a  question group has three questions, you need to provide a response that is at least six sentences to support the three questions.
  • Include at least [#] references to support your responses

Adaweah, F., & Ata, Y. Business Behavior in a Changing World–B300 Third Tutor Marked Assignment-TMA03.