Description and Analysis of the Hawthorne Study

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 Description and Analysis of the Hawthorne Study

Describe how the components of the Hawthorne study are incorporated in current human resource functions.

The Hawthorn study is a critical component within the human relations movement which put a stronger focus on people than just on production with the idea that managers should lead through coaching and not monitoring (Baack, 2017). The Hawthorn study measured the impacts of worker productivity and found that people reacted to positive interactions with increased productivity rates, tasks were distributed to more members of the team including entry-level employees which led to higher production due to less anxiety, and employees formed cohesive and loyal groups (Baack, 2017).  People do experience higher job satisfaction when they have a sense of belonging, feel valued, respected, and when they have a leader, not a supervisor, who acts ethically and invested in his or her employees.

What was the main idea behind this study?

How have you been impacted by the components of this study in your current or past work setting? Respond to at least two of your peers posts.


Baack, D. (2017). Organizational behavior (2nd ed.).

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