Determine strategies to address LLN needs

Activity 1

Attach your completed answers to this workbook.

You must individually, answer the following questions in full to show your r_ompotpnr.y of Pact, element:

  • Establish client’s LLN needs
  • Determine strategies to address LLN needs
  • Implement strategies to address LLN needs

Create and present a report (this may be in the form of a presentation, portfolio, written report, or other suitable methods) detailing and explaining the steps involved during responding to client language, literacy, and numeracy needs for at least three different people with LLN needs. This report, where possible, should refer to real-world experience and interaction in establishing the client’s LLN needs, determining and implementing strategies to address LLN needs.

This report should include:

  1. Details of who your clients are
  2. Indicators that they may have LLN needs
  3. Why these LLN needs would be an issue in accessing services
  4. How you evaluated the clients LLN needs
  5. Any potential issues or barriers that may impact clients
  • How you overcome these issues
  1. How you identified potential strategies to address LLN needs
  2. How you implemented strategies to address LLN needs
  3. What the effects of the strategies are and details of any feedback
  4. How you are monitoring the strategies and clients LLN needs