Discover the Cotswolds Initiative

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Discover the Cotswolds Initiative

A consortium of DMO’s in the region, including Cotswold Tourism, Marketing Gloucester, Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Tourism and Marketing Cheltenham have been awarded £250,000 of funding, from the Discover England Growth Fund, to develop tourism in the region with a number of projects.  “Discover the Cotswolds” has proposed a range of initiatives:

  • Attracting overseas visitors from key markets
  • Creating authentic, experience based tours across the whole region, based around 12 core themes
  • Encouraging the different DMOs to work together more closely
  • Addressing issues of overtourism in particular sensitive areas and at peak times
  • Support smaller local businesses to maximise their opportunities from tourism in the region


Assignment task

(a) Examine one challenge facing Cheltenham in respect to addressing ONE of the initiatives

  • Propose ONE action that Marketing Cheltenham could implement to address the challenge in (a)

Marking Criteria 

For guidance on this assignment, please use the following report template:

  1. Introduction

An introduction to the Discover Cotswolds Initiative (150 words, 10%)

  1. Challenge

An outline of the challenge facing the Cotswolds Region related to your chosen topic (350 words, 20%)

  1. Action

Critically discuss your proposal stressing the involvement of Cheltenham in any initiative (800, words, 30%)

  1. Conclusions

Give conclusions, highlight any resource implications (200 words, 20%)

  1. Structure and clarity of your written communication (10%)

This should be written, taking into account the work of Marketing Cheltenham, tourism in Cheltenham and how you can achieve the maximum benefit for the town

Task Guidance

For guidance on this assignment, please read the accompanying document for the Discover England initiative available on Canvas.

General Assignment Guidance

TEAMWORK AND ITS ASSESSMENTShould this assignment require you to work as part of a team, you will receive an individual grade based upon your performance as well as personalised feedback. The module leader will explain how your individual grade and feedback will be determined.
Importance of Word Counts and Presentation TimingsAssignment word counts and presentation timings should always be observed. Ignoring a word count increases significantly the risk of your work losing marks because it lacked structure, flow, focus and clarity. Timings must be observed for assessed presentations for the same reasons.


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