Discussion: Human Resource Management

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Discussion 1
Read the articles Why We Hate HR (Links to an external site.) and Reasons Why Employees Hate HR (Links to an external site.). Address three out of the five following questions:

Is there more to HR than its predecessor, PA? Discuss the arguments for and against this notion.

There is more to HR than its predecessor, PA. Personal Administration primarily focuses on ordinary activities, such as training, remunerating, employee hiring. On contrary, serves more critical, strategic functions. HR has a broader scope and considers employees as an essential asset to the organization. As opposed to PA, HR leverages the linkages between human resource practices and organizational objectives to achieve a competitive edge. HR has moved beyond “putting out fires” to maintaining a strategic focus on issues such human capital, culture, and internal customers, all having the potential to provide a firm with a competitive edge.

Based on your experience, to what extent do you agree or disagree with Hammonds’ arguments and why?

I fully agree with Hammond’s perceptions concerning the way HR is treated in the contemporary business landscape. HR professionals are denied an opportunity to  “seat at the table” where the business decisions that matter are made. They also do not receive accurate performance appraisals. Managers commit mistakes while appraising employees and their performance. Biases and judgment errors of various kinds often spoil the performance appraisal process. Human resources are also deprived of their key functions. Companies increasingly are farming those functions out to contractors who can handle such routine tasks at lower expense. 

In your opinion, who is responsible for HR not reaching its full potential in general? Who is responsible for HR not reaching its full potential in your organization (if applicable)?

Based on what you have learned so far, how can HR act as a strategic business partner in general? How can HR act as a strategic partner in your organization?

After reading both articles, do you think your employer should increase, decrease or outsource HR roles and functions and why?


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