Distinguishing gross profits operating profits net profits

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Distinguishing gross profits operating profits net profits

Topic A: Profits/Profit and Loss Statement

In this week’s material, we learned about the different types of profit. In this discussion, we will determine a company’s profitability.

Topic A: Initial Post
Distinguish among the following:

  • Gross Profits
  • Operating Profits
  • Net Profits

Expert Solution 

Gross Profits: Gross profits is the profit a firm makes after deducting the cost of goods sold (The cost of producing or acquiring goods to be sold by a firm)
Operating Profits: Operating cost is the profit a company makes from its core business operations or after deducting its operating expenses such as marketing and selling expenses, general and administrative expenses, and depreciation expenses.
Net Profits: Net income is the bottomline or the net income a business makes after paying for all expenses and taxes…Read more


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Distinguishing gross profits operating profits net profits