Does gender wage gap lead to domestic violence?

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Does gender wage gap lead to domestic violence?

Consider whether your chosen topic requires a policy response; action research based response, or a development intervention based response – what needs to be done so that the issue that you have identified can be resolved.

Is there evidence to support your key argument? Data available, similar policy/intervention that has worked somewhere else but not in your particular context

 Assessment-3 (word limit 2200-2500 words) weightage 50%

Students will pick a topic related to a gender issue in the development context in a specific geographical context, and write a persuasive essay on how this should be resolved. Your response can be a public policy focused response; an action research based response; a development intervention (through an NGO/civil society organisation) based response. You have to persuade and convince the reader, why this is most appropriate solution.


  1. Essay writing guideline:

Take a Stance: Why you think this issue is important. Why you have chosen a particular solution to solve the issue (public policy focused response; an action research based response; a development intervention based response)

Debate ideas: You should be able to demonstrate that you understand the significance of the issue as well as the context, hence suggestion the proposed solution. Articulate and present your arguments clearly. Use facts; statistics/data; previous research (articles, policy documents, government and private sector reports including INGO/NGO reports; use the quote from experts, and meaningful examples.

Know your audience: Depending on your chosen approach – public policy; an action research; a development intervention, you should convince the audience/reader.

Research your topic thoroughly: The purpose of a persuasive essays is to provide compelling evidence and arguments not only to support your chosen solution but also why other solutions are not suitable for resolving the identified challenge.

Does gender wage gap lead to domestic violence?

References: Please make sure that you use APA referencing style; check the draft for any omission of references (use URKUND DRAFT on unit canvas site to check) to ensure that all work cited are appropriately referenced. A minimum of 18 academic references are required – Journal articles; books; book chapters; reports.

Presentation: Copyedit/proofread before submission

  1. Essay Structure

Clear, Meaningful title – 1 mark

Introduction – Grab the attention of the reader by writing a compelling introduction on the significance of the identified challenge/issue. Provide background information and a clear statement of the problem. 5 marks (inclusive of clearly written and sound structure, excellent copyediting/proofreading) (500 words)

Body of the Essay – This part should consist of your arguments that support the statement of the problem. Each paragraph should focus on one particular aspect of your argument. You can write your arguments and also refuse the opposing argument in the same paragraph. Have a clear structure so that all arguments are presented in a sequence and not written as random thoughts. – 15 Marks (inclusive of clearly written and articulated arguments, backed with evidence from academic sources; clear structure; excellent copyediting/proofreading) (1500 words)

The Conclusion – Your conclusion should paraphrase/reaffirm key arguments and supporting evidence. – 5 marks (inclusive of clearly written arguments that are aligned very well with the introduction, excellent copyediting/proofreading) (500 words)

Referencing (in-text and Bibliography –  4 marks (good academic resources cited; inclusive of consistency and accuracy of APA style)