Dominant Cultures and Subcultures

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Dominant Cultures and Subcultures

Contrast the dynamics between dominant cultures and subcultures either in a work setting or in society. Explain why it is important to understand the impact of culture. Give an example where you demonstrated your awareness and or openness to understanding a cultural difference. Explain how these differences underscore the need for understanding diversity. From the information given, develop guidelines for embracing diversity. Respond to at least two of your peers for this posting and offer some additional ideas of your own.

Partial Solution

Dominate cultures help guide activities that should be completed daily. Dominate cultures formulate the core values that are shared by an organization associate. According to Baack (2017), “When the company interacts with the public, the dominant culture is often readily noticeable”. A subculture consists of a subgroup from a larger group. Subcultures often will clash with dominant cultures but deserves to be respected in their own rights.


Baack, D. (2017). Organizational behavior (2nd ed.). Retrieved from

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