Review the 5 articles and write one multiple choice questions for EACH of the 5 articles. The required type of question is an analytical one, i.e., a question that poses a hypothetical scenario that illustrates something discussed in the chapter, followed by four answer options (“a” through “d”). The correct answer should be in bold, followed by the name of the article from which the question is derived.

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Please consider the following examples as prototypes of analytical questions:

A group of Native Americans is negotiating a land trade with the federal government. The federal government wants to build a navy airbase on lands were ancestral remains of the Native Americans are buried. The Native Americans have offered a different portion of the land. The federal government does not understand that to the Native Americans, this land is:

  1. Pseudo sacred.
  2. (Name of article)
  3. Pseudo cultural.
  4. Ethnocentric