Elementary Calculus Activity Brief

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Activity Brief For Assessment 3

ACADEMIC YEAR 2021 – 2022 – FALL

Course Instructor

BCO116 – Elementary Calculus (2CH/3ECTS)

Participation in all assessment activities stated in this document is required. An overall course total of 70 points is required to pass the course. Due dates and times are always in Geneva time.

Assessment 3

DescriptionDue date andWeight of
timecourse total
Task 3.1: Quiz on Integration07/01/2022 14:005%
Assessment type: Quiz
Description: Quiz on Integration (preparation for Final Assignment).
For further details of this assessment task, please consult the activity
description on the relevant week of the course site.
Task 3.2: Final Assignment17/01/2022 14:0035%
Assessment type: Written assignment
Description: Assignment on Integration.
See sections below for further details.
Final Assessment


The Final Assignment consists of five questions regarding the course content from Weeks 8 to 13. All questions can be found below (Additional Information).

  • Answer all questions and show all required formulas and calculation steps.
  • Full marks will not be awarded unless all required steps are shown.
  • The task is individual.


Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements:

  • Submit one file only.
  • Required file format for main submission: PDF.
  • You may paste a photograph or a scanned image of handwritten answers – make sure these are readable.
  • Additional file requirements: None.


  • Understand basic integration techniques to solve simple differential equations.
  • Understand and locate the concepts of limits, derivatives, and integrals within the business context to illustrate problems involving functions and interpret the results in that context.


Task 3.1:

Quiz on Integration: two multiple answer questions, each worth 50%.

Task 3.2 – Grading Rubric:


TaskAccomplishedProficient (B)PartiallyBorderline (D)Fail (F)
(A)proficient (C)


Result and processMinor errorsSome important
are correct, andleading to wrongerrors revealing
answer is wellresult, butsome confusion,
explained (processexplanation isbut partially
is detailed). Minorclear andcorrect process.
details may causeprocess isSeemingly correct
deduction of points.generally correct.
process and
correct result, but
no adequate
explanation is


Important errors revealing significant misunderstanding of relevant concepts, but the process is not entirely wrong.

Wrong result, lacking any coherent explanation.


Calculate the following areas:

  • Limited by the function =  2 , the x -axis and the points x= -2 and x=2 (10 points).
  • Limited by the function = 2     2 , the x-axis and the points x=0 and x=3 (20 points).
  • Limited by the function = 4 −62−3   , the x-axis and the points x=4 and x=6. (Tip: you may need a scientific calculator for the last step) (20 points).
  • Limited by the function = sin 3  , the x-axis and the points = 12 (15º) and = 6 (30º). (Tip: you may need a scientific calculator for finding some trigonometric values) (25 points).
  • Limited by the function = , the x-axis and the points x=1 and x=2 (Tip: you may need a scientific calculator for the last step) (25 points).