Semester 2- 2019 / 2020.
DATE and TIME: April 1 – MIDNIGHT April 10, 2020.
MARKS: 55 marks
A. This is an individual assignment, to be completed by each student.
B. DUE DATE and TIME: midnight on April 10, 2020.
C. How to submit: by email to your tutor and where possible in MOODLE.
D. The assignment is to be accompanied by the University’s Declaration of Authorship this
can be found on Moodle. Please download complete all information and attach to your
completed assignment. THIS is to be placed at the front of the Assignment.
E. These five scenarios are based on Chapters 4-6 and 8-9 of your prescribed text. All
questions are to be answered.
F. Please ensure that each ANSWER is identified by scenario and question number.
Scenario 1
Consider the following adaptation of a job description for the position of a district business
manager for a sales organization in Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) (www.bms.com). BMS
produces pharmaceuticals, infant formulas and nutritional products, ostomy and advanced wound
care products, cardiovascular imaging supplies, and over-the-counter products. Some of its
brands include Enfamil, Cardiolite, and Plavix. Its stated mission is to “extend and enhance
human life by providing the highest quality pharmaceutical and related health care products.” In
addition, all employees live by the BMS pledge: “We pledge—to our patients and customers, to
our employees and partners, to our shareholders and neighbours, and to the world we serve—to
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act on our belief that the priceless ingredient of every produce tis the honour and integrity of its
The following are the core performance objectives for the district business manager (DBM)
1. Create the environment to build an innovative culture, create and articulate a vision, drive
innovation by embracing diversity and change, set the example, and thereby shape the
2. Develop and communicate the business plan, understand and explain BMS strategies,
translate national plan to business plans for districts and territories, set goals and
expectations of performance, set priorities, and allocate resources.
3. Execute and implement the business plan, maximize rank order lists of medical education
professional -relationships, achieve optimum coverage frequency of highest potential
physicians, take accountability, and achieve results.
4. Build relationships focused on customer retention, develop relationships (i.e., networks),
influence others (i.e., internal and external), and develop self and others.
5. Strong skills are acquired in the following areas: written and oral communication,
negotiation, strategic analysis, leadership, team building, and coaching.
Based on the DBM job description, extract a list of 3 task and 3 contextual performance
behaviours. Tabulate your answers. (6 Marks)
Scenario 2
Here at the University of Technology, Jamaica, students are required to conduct team projects. A
short description of these “job” duties for business students is the following:
• Work with team members to deliver project outcomes on time and according to
• Complete all individual assignments to the highest quality, completing necessary
background research, making any analysis, and preparing final documents.
• Foster a good working environment.
1. Three competencies identified for the job are communication, business knowledge and
teamwork. Provide appropriate descriptions for these competencies. (9 marks)
2. Tabulate a list of 2 critical behavioural indicators for each competency. (6 marks)
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Scenario 3
Under various education- based titles, veteran educator Evan worked for the University of
Jamaica and Grand Cayman, for almost 15 years. The university’s performance evaluation
history is both unique and long. He has recently been promoted to the position of Principal at the
university’s Grand Cayman based campus. All principals are involved in evaluating because the
founders of the college believed in multiple source evaluation and feedback to prevent
favouritism and promote a merit-based culture. At the same time, the college has a long history
of using quality performance appraisal forms and review meetings to better ensure accurate
performance evaluations.
Several months ago, however, the college initiated a big hiring initiative of a dozen new
educators, nine of whom turned out to be graduates from the University of Technology, Jamaica,
which is the same university from which Evan graduated. Indeed, Evan was active in moving
forward the hiring initiative.
There is tension and discontent among the other principals, some fear that a time of unchecked
favouritism, biased performance ratings, and unfair promotion decisions is on the rise. They are
concerned that intentional and unintentional rating distortion factors may come into play in this
Discuss the kinds of training programs that could minimize the intentional and unintentional
rating distortion. (10 marks)
Scenario 4
You work for a large telecommunication company and are in charge of fifteen employees, all of
whom are technicians responsible for keeping the company’s internal network functioning
properly. There are employees with many levels of experience–from brand new employees just
out of college to employees with ten years of experience within the company.
Marilyn is a supervisor for the Internet section of the IT department. She oversees fifteen
employees and is having some difficulty in documenting performance. She uses nothing but
computer-generated statistics in her performance evaluations. She has come to you at the
suggestion of her supervisor, also your supervisor, who has informed her that your performance
documentation is exactly what the company is looking for.
Give Marilyn a critical assessment of the key features of evaluation documentation. (10 marks)
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Scenario 5
Mary Brown, one of the owners of Car Restoration Business, Inc., has been looking into
developmental plans as a possible way of increasing productivity and morale in the shop.
She adapted a form from some she has seen recently and asks you for feedback on what she
and Al have developed as a plan for their mechanic, Clark J. Tyler, based on comments that
Clark has made at various times and their own sense of what he needs. Note: CRB, Inc. may
not be able to finance much in the way of outside learning; however, the company could
provide some paid time off and may be able to help the employee to negotiate a better rate
for attending some classes, based on various industry memberships.
How would you improve and/or change the form (which follows) and its contents?
(5 marks)
CRB, Inc. Developmental Plan 1 (sample)
Job Title/Job Code:
Primary Reviewer:
Prior Training:
Job History:
What employee will do to improve performance and
work toward career goals
When For how
Approx. cost & who
will provide
1 Adapted from Information Systems and Technology Development Plan. Available on-line at