Ethical Decision Making

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Ethical Decision Making

This case study will require that you apply ethics concepts and your own leadership style to this case.

Utilizing the essential elements of critical thinking (synthesizing, analyzing and evaluating) please prepare a 4 page, 12 font, doublespaced document in response to the topic below.  Please be sure to reference any materials that you may use in your paper.

Case:  Culture Change at GM  pp 206-207 in text. 

Review the case.  Put yourself in the role of CEO.  Visit the organization’s web site and public information pertaining to this company for background purposes.

Discuss your approaches to creating and sustaining an ethical organizational culture at GM.

Describe your leadership style.  How do you think your style and leadership characteristics will facilitate the change to an ethical culture.   Refer to your third reflection paper and review the discussion posts for thoughts on what traits facilitate followship for your consideration.

How would you balance corporate performance and ethical practices?

What resources would you use?

The assignment of grades will be based on the following:

  1. Demonstration of an understanding of the ethics concepts, as indicated by the application or the analysis to this business scenario
  2. Organization of the writing in such a manner that logical transition or progression between topics occurs
  3. Elaboration of important topics or concepts used in the written communication
  4. Clarity and skill in written communication
  5. Correct use of in-text citations and references

Ethical Decision Making