Ethical Decision Making Final Paper

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ORGL 2210 Ethical Decision Making

Final Paper

This final paper requires you to apply all of the concepts and topics presented in the entire course.   Based on your reflections, readings, and discussions throughout this course, you will be asked to analyze an ethical lapse of your choice.

Utilizing the essential elements of critical thinking (synthesizing, analyzing and evaluating) please prepare a 5 page, 12 font, doublespaced document in response to the topics below.  Please be sure to reference any materials that you may use in your paper.

Choose a case that involves an ethical lapse.  This case can be any organization included in this course or an organization of your choice. 

  • Analyze and present your case from the perspective of a leader, manager, or Chief Ethics Officer.
  • Present and analyze the organization’s ethical lapse. This discussion should include a description of the issue and facts which caused the lapse in ethical decision making
  • Discuss the implications of the ethical lapse for the organization (e.g., sustainability, reputation)
  • Identify the stakeholders impacted by this lapse
  • Describe the organization’s response
  • How is this organization improving its ethical decision-making? Include any CSR programs in your discussion
  • In your role as manager, leader, or CXO, how would you set up measures to prevent future lapses and to build an ethical organizational culture? (note – this is what YOU would do based on your own values and leadership style)
    1. Include in your discussion your own approaches to ethical decision making
  • What resources and approaches would you use to build an ethical culture?

Comments:  This paper is intended for students to use all of the resources and concepts presented in this course.  Be as specific as you can with regard to addressing questions, especially 7 and 8.

Visit the organization’s web site and scan press releases and public information pertaining to this company.   Describe the organization.  Include information about the ethical profile of the organization (ethical statements, mission statements, ethics officers or office, company values statements, ethics programs, ethics communications

The assignment of grades will be based on the following:

  1. Demonstration of an understanding of the ethics concepts, as indicated by the application or the analysis to this business scenario
  2. Organization of the writing in such a manner that logical transition or progression between topics occurs
  3. Elaboration of important topics or concepts used in the written communication
  4. Clarity and skill in written communication
  5. Correct use of in-text citations and references