Ethics of clinical medicine or medical research

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Ethics of clinical medicine or medical research

The readings for this week are long and quite heavy, so the discussion will lighter and simple. I want you to reflect on how what you’ve learned in this course has changed the way you think about a particular topic in medicine.

Since we have started the second half of the term (week 6!), the discussion this week is about pausing to reflect on the class so far. The goal is not to explain every opinion or belief that has changed but rather to focus on one and provided a more detailed discussion.

Prompt: What have you learned about in this class so far that has changed the way you think about the ethics of clinical medicine or medical research? That is, pick one stance/belief/commitment you had at the beginning of this class that has changed or is changing as a result of what you’ve learned in class so far. If you have not significantly changed in this way, focus on one stance/belief/commitment that you’ve deepened (or understood before) as a result of the class so far.

When responding to your classmate this week, the focus on seeing the ways in which your fellow classmates’ thinking as shifted. Not all of you will write on the same thing, so perhaps in reading through another classmates’ reflection, you realize that it helped you re-think a different topic as well.