Evaluating digital marketing strategies

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Evaluating digital marketing strategies

Learning Outcomes:


  • Evaluate digital marketing strategies and impact on their customer connect for understanding design of effective campaigns
  • of a given company to design effective marketing campaigns
  • Identify and describe the segmentation and targeting of customers group/s of a given company
  • Conduct competitor’s analysis and marketing mix strategy of given
  • Examine branding strategies and value proposition of a given company
  • Conduct analysis of marketing challenges faced by given company and provide recommendation to achieve competitive advantage based on insight, critical and reflective abilities.
  • Develop well-structured report with adherence to academic writing, word count and Harvard referencing

The EMA requires you to prepare a 2500-word report:

 EMA relates to your understanding of Unit 1 to establish nuances of marketing, the way it operates and its critical perspectives, Unit 5 to evaluate the motivations customer has to purchase certain products and not others, Unit 6 to examine how to segregate and target market segments based on the identified needs, similarities and differences, Unit 7 to understand how to achieve competitive advantage, Unit 8 to understand and apply the branding principles to ensure that carefully selected messages are conveyed to the market about organization and its products, Unit 9 to understand and apply how to use marketing communications to enhance brands while increasing sales and market share  and Unit 10 to be informed of the existing challenges and need for control while conducting marketing activities.

Task (Word limit- 2500) Part A (90 Marks)

Read and analyze the case study on MakeMyTrip`s Marketing Campaigns. Then write a well- formulated essay in response to these questions:

  1. Examine use of social media for digital marketing strategy by MMT and its impact on their customer connect for understanding design of effective campaigns. (15 Marks)
  1. What is the market segmentation and targeting strategy of MMT? (20 Marks)
  1. Conduct competitor’s analysis and marketing mix strategy of MMT. (20 Marks)
  1. Examine MMT’s branding strategy and value proposition to customers (15 Marks)
  1. Analyse the marketing challenges faced by MMT and provide your recommendation how they can overcome them to achieve competitive advantage? (20 Marks)

Using your learnings and skills you developed from the unit 1, 5-10 of BB844 you are expected to, provide a well-supported response to these questions, drawing on relevant business concepts taught in this module. Your essay should contain:

  • An introduction
  • The main body, which develops your argument
  • A conclusion that summarizes key points of the essay and answers the

Part B (10 Marks)

 Writing cohesively, follow the academic writing approach in writing and presentation; adherence to the structure; use of academic language; no grammatical errors; extensive use of quality references with proper citations.



 In April 2019, India based travel-booking portal MakeMyTrip (MMT) stepped into the corporate travel booking segment with the acquisition of a company Quest2Travel.com (Quest2Travel). Through this acquisition, the company aimed to extend its service offerings to large corporates and fulfill their travel requirements. The same month, the company launched an innovative travel game show series called MMT Knock-Knock on its App with the aim of driving customer engagement through incredible travel bids, deals, rewards, and games. To make the series engaging and fun, the live show was anchored by well-known television celebrities Gauhar Khan and Purab Kohli. The 30-minute in-app show comprised segments like live bidding for delightful travel deals, quizzing for attractive prizes, original travel entertainment content, and a jackpot prize offering exquisite international holidays. As part of this campaign, the company offered some exciting prizes including a luxurious five star retreat stay in the Maldives, return air tickets to Istanbul for two, an all-inclusive holiday deal for Bhutan, Business Class return air tickets for two to Paris, holiday package for Austria, Business Class air tickets to St. Petersburg, holidays in the Andamans, Ladakh, etc.


 In the year 2000, Deep Kalra (Kalra), an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad, and a former employee of GE Money , came up with the idea of catering to the US to India travel needs of the overseas Indian community. In October 2000, Kalra founded a small start-up company in India with early-stage funding focused on the non-resident Indian (NRI) market – specifically people seeking an economical ticket to visit home. The company started its operations by launching its website Makemytrip.com. But in mid-2001, Kalra faced issues like the dotcom meltdown and the 9/11 attacks. As a result, the company suffered a huge loss and could not find any investor.


 In January 2011, MMT launched its new ‘MMT Mobile’ app for BlackBerry smartphones users in India with the aim of making travel hassle free by allowing users to book their travel on the go. This app enabled users to cancel their bookings, track the status of their refunds, send e-tickets and vouchers, check flight status, and also look for alternate arrangements in case of last minute delays The app also provided geo-targeted search results, allowing users to easily find dining options that were near their current location, and provided attractive last minute deals for same day hotel bookings.

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS- In April 2011, MMT launched its ‘Memories Unlimited’ campaign that underlined its promise of creating memorable experiences for its customers apart from offering the best holiday packages and deals.

More campaigns


  • Creative Team of ‘Memories Unlimited’ Campaign
  • Creative Team of ‘Plan Jab, Booking Tab’, ‘Uncancel’ Campaigns
  • Creative Team of ‘Dil Toh Roaming Hai’ Campaign
  • Creative Team of ‘Assured Hotel-24*7 Helpline’ Campaign
  • Creative Team of ‘MMT 24×7 Hotline for International Flights and Hotels’ Campaign
  • Creative Team of ‘Hotels Best Suited for Family Trips, Business Trips’ Campaign


 As a result of the launch of ‘The Great Indian Getaway’ app-only travel sales, MMT’s mobile app crossed 12 million downloads by the end of 2015. Its app-only sale contributed 25% to domestic flights and nearly 50% to total online domestic hotel transactions. As of May 2018, the ‘BefikarBookKar’ campaign had received over 10 million views on YouTube.

[Cited from: www.icmrindia.org. Case Code: MKTG397, Publication date: 2019]

MakeMyTrip`s Marketing Campaigns Additional Information (Source: makemytrip.com, 2020)

 Makemytrip Limited Announces Fiscal 2020 Fourth Quarter And Full Year Results

 Financial Highlights for Fiscal 2020 Fourth Quarter and Full Year (Year over Year (YoY) growth % are based on constant currency

  • Gross Bookings in 4Q20 reached $1.2 billion and $6.1 billion in
  • Revenue was $104.9 million for 4Q20 and $511.5 million for
  • Adjusted Revenue reached $137.2 million in 4Q20 and $723.4 million in
  • Operating Loss increased in 4Q20 and FY20 mainly due to non-cash one-off items, although it continued in trajectory of narrowing down Adjusted Operating Loss in QoQ and
  • 4Q20 was partially marked by weak consumer travel demand due to a challenging macroeconomic environment caused by the COVID-19