Expert Solution: History 1114 Fall 2020

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Expert Solution: History 1114 Fall 2020

Primary source analysis 1

Your first primary source analysis asks you to explore the reinterpretation of controversial historical events and the public commemoration of historical people.

Step 1: Review the information about Métis peoples, Louis Riel, and the Red River Resistance in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Conflict and Compromise. Review the livestream lecture videos for Week 3 posted to Blackboard and the video about primary sources in the Assignment folder.

Step 2: Review 3 news reports about Louis Riel from the CBC digital archive website (links in the Primary 1 assignment folder):

Time for a Riel statue in Winnipeg? 1969 Is Louis Riel a Father of Confederation? 1989 A new statue of Louis Riel in Manitoba 1996

Step 3: Review three contemporary news reports about Riel (links in the Primary 1 assignment folder:

Calling for Louis Riel’s Exoneration (2017)

‘Hero,’ ‘traitor’ or ‘it’s complicated?’ When it comes to Louis Riel, labels matter (2019)

Louis Riel and the Red River Resistance honoured in new Canada Post stamp (2019)

These videos are primary sources that allow us to think about Louis Riel as a Métis leader, as a political leader and as a person of importance in Canadian history.

Step 4: Write a short paper that responds to the following questions:

Based on the evidence from the news reports, how has public opinion about Louis Riel shifted over time, from the initial discussion about erecting a statue to Riel in 1969, to the announcement that Canada Post would issue a commemorative stamp? Why do you think this shift might have occurred? How does the evidence from the news reports challenge or expand your understanding of the events in the Red River in 1869-1870?

Your analysis should be approximately 2 pages in length, double spaced and submitted as a PDF document. Your analysis should have an introductory paragraph, a discussion of the evidence provided by the news reports and your understanding of the issues, and a conclusion. Please cite your sources (the exact URL of online source and the specific page references in Conflict and Compromise). The assignment is due online by Monday, October 5 (note the extension to the due date)