Five-step customer decision-making process

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Five-step customer decision-making process

What are the steps a buyer passes through when making a buying decision?

What other factors might influence a purchase?

Other factors influencing a purchase include family, culture, and reference groups.

Think about something you recently purchased and discuss each buying decision step and other factors that influence your decision to buy.

I recently bought a laptop and I believe I followed the aforementioned five-step process. Initially, I realized I needed a new laptop that I could use to work from home and also, do my coursework. After identifying my need, the next step was to search for information about laptops available on various online platforms. I spent a week looking for a suitable laptop that had my preferred specs. Within the week of searching, I came across so many laptop models, and therefore, I was impelled to evaluate the various alternatives so that I can make the best purchase. The evaluation did not take long since I am a frequent buyer of laptops. Finally, I bought a laptop that I felt meets my needs. I had a good experience with the seller and I will consider them when planning to purchase another laptop. Other factors that influenced my decision to buy the laptop include advice from friends and relatives, marketing mix factors, and preferences of people that I compare myself to like my supervisors.

Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post.  Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.


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Five-step customer decision-making process

Week 2 – Discussion 2

Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA)

What is the outcome of conducting a market opportunity analysis?

Examine two components of the MOA and assess how each contributes to an effective IMC.

Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post.  Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

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