Foundational organizing principle in networking

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Foundational organizing principle in networking

You learned about a foundational organizing principle in networking: layers of communication. The OSI model and the TCP/IP model are both commonly used to guide network design, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks.

This text gave the analogy of a letter being mailed via the post office to illustrate the nature of each layer in the OSI model. Many other analogies can be used to further describe how communications layers function in a system. What examples can you think of? Consider in what ways you notice one person, company, or other entity communicate with another person, company, or other entity indirectly through multiple layers. Then answer the following question:

    • What is a real-life example of how layers in a system indirectly connect two entities (such as a person or company) in communication?

Module 2 question about Networking for life working in technology:

As you move into your career, you will find that your continued success relies on your ability to keep learning. In addition, the more you learn, you will find that you are able to advance more quickly in your career and achieve your goals. is a website devoted to providing information about technology careers. By understanding more about the interplay between your educational pursuits and the needs of the IT industry, you will better position yourself for success. Go to and find an article relevant to your career goals.

Respond to the following question:

    • What did you learn about your chosen career path that you did not already know?

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