Fundamental of effective writing

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Fundamental of effective writing

COMM1410 Document 2 (15%)


For this assignment, create an email addressing the case. Use an appropriate format and be sure to include an appropriate subject line. Remember to use business-writing techniques such as writing clear, concise sentences. Avoid jargon and unnecessary words found in many examples of professional writing.

Once you have created your document, make sure you clearly identify the items listed below. Refer to the rubric to make sure you have fulfilled the requirements of the assignment.

When you have the final document ready, submit it to the assignment folder entitled “Document 2” on eConestoga.


Scenario – Your boss is Carolyn, Director of Human Resources, and you are her assistant. You both work for a small, local manufacturing company with a production facility and office staff on site.

 As spring approaches, the company has received several applications from college students concerning spring-summer jobs. In previous years, the company has offered various student positions, in production and office administration, from May to August. Unfortunately, due to the recent lockdown amid the pandemic, there will be no student recruitment this year.

Your boss, Carolyn, has asked you to respond to the applicants who have sent in their cover letters and résumés. She appreciates their interest and will keep their application on file for a year. First consideration will be given to these applicants when student recruitment resumes next year.

Compose a message to an applicant, conveying Carolyn’s intentions. Be sure to add any details that you think the applicant would appreciate hearing. As this message is coming from Carolyn, you must write it on her behalf.

Items to Identify

  • Complete predicate
  • Simple predicate
  • Conjunctive adverb
  • Article
  • Object pronoun
  • Preposition
  • Subordinate conjunction
  • Compound sentence

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